Öhlins’ suspension technology is a game changer for Team BMC

BMC | Öhlins’ suspension technology game changer for Team BMC

Implementing Öhlins’ race proven technology from motorsports and the downhill circuit has been a game changer for Team BMC. The riders can completely personalize their Öhlins suspension set-up, resulting in traction and control that is unparalleled by any other brand.

Team BMC’s top riders, former World Champion Jordan Sarrou and current French Champion Titouan Carod, understood the BMC Fourstrokes reached a new level of professionality after the suspension set-ups from the Swedish company were installed at the beginning of the season.

BMC | Team BMC X Öhlins

Sarrou was particularly impressed by the forks and the consistent control. “With Öhlins on the BMC Fourstroke, I could see and feel a difference. Öhlins gives us massive support and answers our requirements. With their set-up, I feel one with the BMC Fourstroke. That gives me a lot of confidence, both uphill and downhill. It is a significant advantage."

State-of-the-art technology

His teammate in Team BMC, Carod, is particularly pleased by the personalization of the suspension. “We can adjust the set-up completely to our liking. Instead of having to rely on one particular setting, we can adjust it how we want, based on our preferences, but also on the race circumstances. It is quick and easy, so after a last recon ride before a World Cup, we can still make adjustments. That is a game changer.”

BMC | Öhlins is a game changer for Team BMC

The Swiss mountain bike team’s head mechanic, Adrien Prevost, calls Öhlins’ suspension set-ups ‘state-of-the-art technology’. “At the end of last season, Öhlins came up with a general set up for our riders, based on the kinematic data, given by BMC Switzerland’s engineers, gathered in a test session. During the off-season, we continued to closely work together with Öhlins, so when we arrived at our team camp, we brought perfectly adapted suspensions set-ups with us.”

“Tailored to our riders’ style of racing, and the different World Cup tracks, we now have access to several custom damping systems for each rider.”

Prevost: “I feel comfortable to say that Öhlins brought the TTX concept into the MTB XC market and the technology set a new standard in damping function.”

Founded in 1976, Öhlins has made quite an entry in the mountain bike scene, basically setting a new standard for suspension upon its arrival. With over 300 World Champion titles in motorsport, their goal now is to extend the number of World Titles in mountain biking.