Swiss Bike Cup in Monte Tamaro: a special and important race for Juri Zanotti

BMC |  Swiss Bike Cup in Monte Tamaro

The second race in the Swiss Bike Cup is, for many reasons, an important and special one, particularly for Team BMC pilot Juri Zanotti. Not only is the Tamaro Trophy the last preparation race before the World Cup season for all Team BMC riders, but the event on the Swiss-Italian border is also where Juri Zanotti's roots in the sport lie. 

The Italian cyclist of Team BMC grew up on the slopes of the race course, gaining his experiences as a kid with a local club called Velo Club Monte Tamaro in 2016 and 2017. "And always on BMC bikes," Zanotti says, pointing at a photo from back in the days.

The area, therefore, holds a special place in the Italian’s heart, even though it is officially located on Swiss territory and, therefore, part of the Swiss Bike Cup series.

"I have many special memories from here," says Zanotti, who nowadays lives close to Milan. "It is basically here where I learned the basics of racing.”

BMC |  Juri Zanotti BMC Tamaro

“One of my first memories is a road cycling race in Ticino. That day, I met Daniele Zucconi, the coach of the junior team of the club. I remember him being super friendly, and we had a connection straightaway.”

Zanotti: “Ever since we met, he not only taught me a lot about cycling but also life lessons in general."

"I still have special, and I would say unique, connections with the coaches and riders of the time that I raced for Velo Club Monte Tamaro. So unique that I am glad to consider them some of my best friends now.”

“With the club, I not only got physically stronger and technically more advanced, but fun and pleasure were also always a priority. The riders, coaches, and I had great times, both on and off the bike."

It is not only childhood memories that continue to push Zanotti, now a professional at Team BMC. "One of the most magical memories of the course in BMC’s home country is the bronze medal he claimed in the European Championships in 2020.

BMC |  Juri Zanotti Tamaro Club

“Through the years I trained and raced a lot in Rivera. Winning my first European individual medal on my home course is something I will never forget, particularly because a lot of family and friends were there to share those emotions." 

Last year, Zanotti finished fourth in the event, and this year the Italian hopes to make his local club members proud with a spot on the podium.

"Monte Tamaro is the last preparation race towards the World Cups in Brazil, in the beginning of April. Everyone at Team BMC has built their shape towards these first two World Cup events, and the race in Tamaro is basically the final rehearsal.”

“So both from a performance and a personal point of view, I hope to show my fitness, especially after the bad race start in Marseille last week, when I did have good legs." 

Team BMC does not only travel with Zanotti to Monte Tamaro. The only Team BMC member that does not compete in Switzerland is Steffi Häberlin, as she is still recovering from a fractured collarbone sustained right before the team presentation in Girona by the end of February.