BMC | The Side valleys of Engadin

Sometimes you don’t need to go far for a total change of scenery. Nestled between the Italian and Austrian borders, there is a valley that stands out from the rest of the Swiss Alps with its spectacular landscapes and authentic culture.

These are the hidden valleys of Engadin.

BMC |The Side valleys of Engadin Map
In their quest of the ultimate alpine gravel, Nils and Guillaume take us along a two-day bikepacking trip from the traditional village of Scuol to the modern resort of St-Moritz. A 235 km route along the side valleys of Engadin with plenty of scenic surprises along the way.


Want to ride this route? Download the GPX file, here.

The journey starts through the typical architecture of the 17th century houses and their mighty stone walls. The bucolic streets are well preserved and contrast with a few contemporary concrete buildings that still share the same influence of the dramatic topography.

Life is harsh in these mountains and constructions are made to stand the test of time. 

As we venture deeper into the side valleys, the impressive peaks and unspoiled nature remind us of the harshness of life in these mountains. Civilization becomes a distant memory, leaving us with only the winding paths to navigate. We are met with a challenging journey that takes us through steep trails and narrow paths, but the reward of exhilarating downhills makes it all worth it.

And with a bit of skill, the fun begins.

To capture the essence of this trip, Guillaume documented the route on an analog camera with only 18 shots per roll. The slow and tedious process of developing the film adds to the unique experience of exploring the hidden valleys of Engadin. The panoramic format of the photographs perfectly captures the cinematic landscapes of the route, making you feel as though you're right there with Nils and Guillaume.


The beauty and uniqueness of the Engadin valley hold memories that will last a lifetime.