Unveiling the Tudor Pro Cycling BMC Teammachine R 01 for the 2024 season

BMC | Tudor Pro Cycling BMC Teammachine R 01 2024 Season
A sneak peek into the future of cycling...

Racing headfirst into the future, BMC and Tudor Pro Cycling unite in a profound collaboration aimed at testing and refining a new breed of bikes. This partnership ensures that Tudor Pro Cycling remains at the forefront of the sport, riding on the most advanced bikes available. Specifically, the Tudor Pro Cycling Team is set to conquer the 2024 season on the groundbreaking BMC Teammachine R 01.

In celebration of this extraordinary partnership, BMC proudly presents the unique Tudor Pro Cycling Team color variant of the BMC Teammachine R 01. This bike, meticulously built alongside the Team, is a tribute to our pride in presenting and revealing this engineering marvel.

Crafted for the elite cyclist by elite cyclists, the all-new BMC Teammachine R 01 isn't just another addition to the roster of race bikes; it stands as the pinnacle of cycling innovation. Born amidst the rugged slopes of the Swiss Alps, toughened through the punishing cobbles of Spring Classics, and honed within the unforgiving terrains of Grand Tours, the Teammachine R 01 embodies the culmination of triumphs, victories, and milestones achieved by BMC.

A revolution in cycling, developed in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, the BMC Teammachine R 01 represents the convergence of every podium finish, trophy, individual victory, and team sprint. It redefines the boundaries of what a race bike can achieve—meticulously crafted to amplify every watt and pedal stroke where it matters most.

This unveiling marks a significant milestone in cycling innovation and partnership. Join us on this incredible journey as we redefine excellence,push the boundaries of cycling prowess, and experience, through Tudor Pro Cycling, what this bike can do.

Embrace the future of cycling innovation and witness the fusion of speed, elegance, and unmatched performance with the BMC Teammachine R 01.

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