(At least) Three BMC athletes participating in new PTO T100 series

BMC | Aero/Triathlon Three Athletes

There will be plenty of action in the PTO T100 series, the rebranded middle- and long-distance triathlon series from the Professional Triathletes Organization. Team BMC Pro Tri's Clément Mignon and Lucy Byram will be targeting the new series, and Alistair Brownlee is also set to take the stage.

Last week, the PTO announced the new World Tour calendar, which will be visiting three different continents in 2024. An international lineup of 40 leading triathletes will compete in a minimum of five races, as well as the Grand Final. Team BMC Pro Tri has two athletes in the mix, while BMC ambassador Alistair Brownlee is also on the start list.

BMC | Aero/Triathlon Three Athletes

Mignon feels that the T100 is an excellent opportunity to elevate triathlon to new heights. The French member of Team BMC Pro Tri says, “I agree that it might be a little exclusive with only 20 athletes, but thanks to that, the level of triathlon will grow. I also think it is very interesting to be competing with the best during 8 races throughout a season.”

“My race calendar and training scheme will highly be based on the PTO World Tour. However, the goal is also to qualify for Kona and to achieve a spot on the podium there,” Mignon, who surely competes in Miami, Singapore, Ibiza, and the Grand Final, says.

BMC | Aero/Triathlon Three Athletes

Brownlee agrees with Mignon, stating, “Having 8 races through the season in amazing global venues is great for fans and athletes. I think it is great that World Triathlon and the PTO have come together to create a world championship series for long-distance triathlon. I’m looking forward to seeing it progress over the next few years.”

Also for the twofold Olympic Champion, the T100 will be the central part of his season. Brownlee says, “Of course, there are some races in the T100 that I will try to put special emphasis on; London, for instance! I would also like to race Kona, but after the last few years, I am going to be cautious. If I get a chance to do a qualification race, I will.”

BMC | Aero/Triathlon Three Athletes

“My ambitions are to race consistently for the first half of the season and then try to perform at my best during the second half. I haven’t made up my mind exactly which races I will do yet,” he concludes.

His fellow countrywoman, Byram, also part of Team BMC Pro Tri, is targeting London as one of her participations in the PTO T100. She says that the new set up is a great addition to the middle-distance calendar. “It gives many opportunities throughout the year for the very best to race against each other, which will make for a very exciting season. I think it will also be interesting to see who can stay consistent through the whole year.”

BMC | Aero/Triathlon Three Athletes

“For me,” Byram continues, “this year, I will try to race all of the PTO T100 races. I will miss one or two depending on how fatigued I become through the season, but I’m hoping I can manage that and be able to race them all. My targets for the tour will be to get my best 6 scoring races; therefore, trying to race all 8 would be beneficial. I think I will be targeting London as this would be a ‘home’ race, and lots of my family will be coming to watch, so it would be nice to put in a good performance there.” 

The first PTO T100 event will be held in March in Miami on 9 and 10 March.

Photography: Bob de Wolf, Orbital and Bahrain Victorious 13.