Going wild? Reflecting on off-season with BMC’s triathletes

BMC | Reflecting on off-season with BMC’s triathletes
An athlete's life is centered around focus—on training, nutrition, and recovery. Typically, there are a few weeks of relative calm at the end of the season, allowing them to live a more ordinary life, so to speak. However, with the upcoming Olympic season in Paris, how much rest can our triathletes truly enjoy in these final weeks? 

Vasco Vilaca, Julie Derron, and Richard Murray share their thoughts on the off-season, having already shifted their focus to the 2024 season.

Geraint Thomas made headlines by revealing that he spent most nights of his off-season drinking. This is something Julie Derron, the BMC-sponsored Swiss triathlete, couldn't relate to. After her last race in Phuket, Thailand, she did socialize with colleagues and friends but avoided excessive indulgence. 

Derron finds it challenging to switch off from sports, even with the Olympic Games approaching. She says, "I love my sport and always seek ways to improve. I constantly want to enhance my performance. So, to answer the question: No, I find it hard to properly switch off."

 Murray also limited excessive drinking, opting to spend most of his time at home in the Dutch countryside. He found it peaceful and quiet—a much-needed break after a busy racing schedule.

Vilaca took a two-week break in October, spending time with friends in Sweden and family in Portugal. Describing his off-time as 'adventurous,' he engaged in social events, fun evenings, and activities not typical during the season, such as karting, bowling, dancing, and enjoying different foods.

BMC | Richard Murray

All athletes agree that these off-season moments are crucial for mental and physical resets, ensuring they can perform at the highest levels in sports. Vilaca emphasizes, "With the Olympics ahead, I want to be extra focused." 

In Vilaca's case, he'll begin his 2024 season earlier than usual to secure a spot for the Portuguese team relay at the Games. Murray also plans to start training earlier to maintain fitness over the winter with the Olympics approaching.

Derron, on the other hand, hasn't taken much time off since her last race in Phuket. While her training schedule remains similar, her environment will change. Instead of the Canary Islands, she'll travel to China for winter preparation with the Chinese National Team, guided by her coach Brett Sutton. “I am excited about the new training location, she looks forward to the benefits of altitude training and the excellent facilities in Kunming. 2024 is going to be exciting.”