Imhof tests BMC’s new Trackmachine 01, developed for Paris 2024

BMC | Imhof tests new Trackmachine 01, developed for Paris 2024

BMC launched an enhanced version of the BMC Trackmachine 01, aiming for medals and titles in Paris 2024.

The new Trackmachine 01 resulted from a close collaboration between BMC and Swiss Cycling, with the goal of giving Swiss track cyclists an advantage over competitors in Paris 2024. Claudio Imhof, a former series winner, was among the first cyclists to test the new prototype during the Track Champions League earlier this year.

His initial experiences were impressive: “The new BMC Trackmachine sets cycling standards as it was developed by athletes for athletes. This remarkable track bike not only fulfills all the requirements of a modern track bike but exceeds them. Versatile as a time trial and bunch bike, it is the ultimate choice for demanding riders,” said Imhof.

One of the main focuses of the new Trackmachine 01 was to enhance aerodynamics and stiffness, drawing from experiences with the previous Trackmachine 01 and other bike designs in the BMC catalogue.

BMC's new Trackmachine 01

BMC | BMC's new Trackmachine 01
BMC | BMC's new Trackmachine 01
BMC | BMC's new Trackmachine 01

The Trackmachine 01 features a new frame, a new pursuit fork, and a new bunch fork, all more advanced and aerodynamic than their predecessors.

Imhof noted, “The outstanding geometry of the BMC Trackmachine not only guarantees optimum performance but also maximum riding comfort. The stiff construction and maximum aerodynamics make this bike a real high-performance machine. But the real highlight lies in the riding behaviour: With impressive manoeuvrability and smooth running characteristics, the BMC Trackmachine literally sticks to the black line even at top speeds.”

Imhof won the Track Champions League in 2022 and was determined to extend his title for another year, with BMC unconditionally supporting him on his journey. Unfortunately for the Swiss track cyclist, whose home velodrome is next to the BMC Headquarters in Grenchen, he crashed in the second race of the series, missed the third one, and consequently was never in the game to defend his title.

BMC | BMC's new Trackmachine 01

BMC is the product supplier for Swiss Cycling for Paris 2024, and all Swiss track cyclists will race the fastest version of the BMC Trackmachine 01 ever created.

Imhof is confident that the new Trackmachine 01 will play a role in the national team’s performances: “This new weapon on the track offers an unrivalled experience not only for athletes but also for anyone who enjoys track riding. The Trackmachine combines precision, speed, and fun in a unique way - the perfect choice for anyone who wants to get the most out of their cycling experience.”

BMC | BMC's new Trackmachine 01