Sarrou wins in Monte Tamaro, Team BMC’s ‘final rehearsal’ before World Cup season

BMC | Sarrou wins in Monte Tamaro

Jordan Sarrou won the second race in the Swiss Bike Cup this weekend. The French former World Champion placed a surprise attack in the last technical section of the race and soloed to an extensive victory salute.

“Given the fact this was the last race before the World Cup season, this final rehearsal was very important to me. It was a tactical race on a great course. It was difficult to make differences, but I played my cards well in the final,” Sarrou said after his victory.

About the winning move, the Team BMC pilot said: “In the last part of the last climb, I tried to attack. That did not work; however, in the technical section, I was able to distance my competitors.”

BMC | Sarrou wins in Monte Tamaro

The World Cup winner of last season says that this is a massive confidence booster. “There are two more weeks to train, and the shape is really coming. This victory is of high importance to me.”

L’Homme third

There was more podium news than just Sarrou’s victory: Maxime L’Homme finished third in the U23 race - a strong performance by Team BMC’s newcomer.

BMC | Team BMC final rehearsal before World Cup Season

The talented Team BMC rider enjoyed the track in Monte Tamaro. “I always feel comfortable on this track. After a good start, I was able to follow the top two riders. I am happy with my third place because it was a strong field here in Switzerland. I get more and more used to the BMC Fourstroke, and today I could show that with this bike, there is a lot to look forward to this World Cup season.”

Lap times

Janis Baumann finished slightly further behind L’Homme, just outside the top ten, in eleventh place. Coming back to the elite category, to Juri Zanotti, who was Team BMC’s second rider across the line, in ninth place. “It was a very physical race,” he said about the event on the course that the Italian trained and raced on a lot when he was younger.

“It was a tough day after a big training week. I loved the crowds on ‘my course’. They pushed me - thank you to everyone cheering for me, including everyone from my club who came to watch and support. I am also exceptionally happy for Jordan, who continues to perform so strongly,” Zanotti said.

BMC | Team BMC Final Rehearsal Before World cup Season

Titouan Carod did not have the best day on the course in Monte Tamaro. He had a mechanical issue that set him back drastically during the race. “I was far behind, and I tried to do my best to catch up.”

The result in Switzerland was not quite representative for Carod’s legs, as his lap times were among the best riders. “On the fourth lap, I had the same time as the guys in the front group, and even though I am not in top shape yet, I am quite satisfied with how the race went.”

The event in Monte Tamaro was Team BMC’s last race before the World Cup season starts, this year in Brazil. The team is traveling in the first week of April to the South American continent to adapt to the time zone and get used to the weather. There will be two World Cups in Brazil before the circus returns to Europe for national championships and the World Cup in Nové Mesto.