BMC Companion App - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can't I find my bike model?
Can’t find your bike? There are several reasons this can happen. We currently only have BMC bikes in the app archive. Another possibility is that your model did not make the cut. Due to the data on hand and to high functionality standards, only model years up to 2018 were included. However, bikes from other brands and older models can be added manually as of our next release.

Can I use the app for my bike from another brand?
The main goal of the app is to share the passion for cycling. To help cyclists around the world to better maintain and extend the lifespan of their bikes. This is why we open the app to all cyclists, regardless of their preferred brand. The only downside is that non-BMC customers will have to manually add their bikes and components. This feature is available as of our next release.

Why is it not possible to chat with real employees?
Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to be available around the clock, but we want to offer our customers the possibility to address questions at any time. The BMC Companion Chatbot is therefore a good help to answer simple questions. However, if the chatbot is unable to help, our customer service is available during Swiss business hours via email.

Can I define component check intervals myself?
The intervals are set by our experienced members of staff. We can understand that you may prefer to adjust the intervals to your specific needs. All you need to do is respond to a reminder to individually set the timing, going forward. You can also mute notifications for any component.

How secure is my data?
Data security is our priority. For more detailed information, please refer to the data protection policy, which can be found in the app.

Why does BMC not show how to maintain the parts?
Some bike components are not manufactured by BMC but other companies such as SRAM, SHIMANO, or DT Swiss. To ensure the correct maintenance for each component, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions. For basic questions and tutorials about bike maintenance, some specialist magazines or YouTube channels already offer very helpful information.

Where can I check my warranty?
To find out about the duration of your warranty, we recommend contacting the BMC Customer Service via

How can I register for/unsubscribe from the BMC newsletter?
Registration for the BMC Newsletter can be done via initial registration, website, or customer service. Unsubscribing is always achieved directly in the e-mail via the link provided.

How do I reach the customer service?
Customer service can be contacted by email. The contact details can be found in the app and on the website under "Contact".

What if any of my components are missing?
You have the option to manually add components and component types to your bike. The available component group types are preset. If the offer does not contain the desired component group type, please contact customer service For the components themselves, you have the option to add any component, either from the existing component list or by adding the component via open text.

How can I turn off notifications?
Go to your profile settings. There, you can turn notifications on and off. With the different options, you can better define which notifications are important to you and which ones you can do without. You can even turn off or switch on notifications for single components.

Why do I have to indicate whether my bike is used or not?
In case your bike was used before registering to the BMC Companion App, the data, such as distance, time, and elevation, is no longer accurate. As most reminders are distance-based, we ask to indicate if the bike was used. In case it was previously used, you are given the option to enter an approximate distance previously ridden.

Why do integrated activities from my connected source not show up?
There are two options why you might not see any integrated activities. Only integrated  activities are shown that you tracked after the registration because we want to avoid a double count. The second reason could be that something went wrong. Please try again or reach out to the customer service

What do I do if I cannot find a QR code?
You can manually register your bike and check for the serial number on your invoice. The serial number can then be added to your in-app bike information.

Why do I get component reminders so frequently?
The notifications are here to remind you to check your components frequently. We do not suggest that your components need to be replaced any time soon but would like you to get a feeling for what the wear of different components looks over time. Any time you see a component is due for replacement, you can also replace it in the app.

Can I register more than one bike?
Yes, you can register all the BMC bikes you own.

Can I use the app if I am not using a tracking device?
Yes, all your activities can be entered manually within the App.

How can I add information to a component?
If you click on the chain sign in the top right corner, you can add a note to every component and track your individual details.