Twostroke 01

Focused performance, all-round trail-blazer.

Focused performance, all-round trail-blazer.

Nothing connects you to the trail like a cross-country hardtail. With a lightweight carbon frame and geometry that puts you firmly in control, the Twostroke 01 combines raw speed with refined handling for a direct connection to the dirt.

Using our finest grade carbon, a 100mm fork and a build kit that is just as capable in XC races as cross-country rides, Twostroke 01 is built to deliver the most exhilarating of rides.

Long live XC. Long live hardtails.

Optimized for speed

The Twostroke 01’s Premium Carbon frame is built for ultimate speed. Using advanced computer modeling to optimize for weight, power transfer and control, it’s not just light, it’s fast.

Carbon compliance

The Twostroke 01’s direct power-transfer is matched with carefully engineered compliance that makes all-day rides fast and efficient.

Race proven

While the Fourstroke 01 is the bike of choice for technical race tracks, the Twostroke 01 excels on smoother courses. When direct power transfer is the priority and acceleration is the priority, nothing comes close.

Looks fast. Is fast.

With its clean lines the Twostroke 01 gives an impression of speed without even moving a wheel. This is no exercise in minimalism though. Incorporating features that make life at speed easier, this is a design that simply does more with less.

Premium carbon

It’s not just the premium grade carbon matrix that makes the Twostroke 01’s frame special, it’s the way it’s constructed. Using BMC’s unparalleled knowledge of working with carbon composites it’s a work of art inside and out.

Race ready geometry

A long top tube and slack head angle encourages the rider to attack downhills with confidence. And, when it comes to winning the race to the top, the steep seat tube angle puts the rider into a powerful pedaling position.