Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team

A Legacy Based on Talent

Raw talent is only half the game. A rider's ability needs to be honed and steered down a sustainable development path. And when the opportunity to perform arises, riders should find the support and strength they need within their teams.

This is what Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team does best: it provides the perfect environment for young riders and allows them to build upon their raw talent. The team takes rider development very, very seriously – and its success speaks volumes.

14 years. 100 riders. 41 WorldTour contracts – a legacy built on success

Founded in 2009 by Axel Merckx – Eddy Merckx's son – the Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team has arguably become the top development team in the world. With more than 41 WorldTour contracts to its credit, the list of the team's alumni is impressive. Names such as Eddy Dunbar, Neilson Powless, Tao Geoghegan Hart, and Joao Almeida are just a few of the riders who have progressed to the A-list level of cycling.

A Commitment to the Future

The performance system is complex, and several components are at play. One of the most critical ones? Of course, that the bikes are built to perform at the highest level.

Hagens Berman Jayco Cycling Team will be riding our lightest race bike, the Teammachine SLR 01.

Teammachine SLR 01

Ultimate performance
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